University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Laboratory for Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics


The Laboratory for Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (LFDT), a constitutive part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, has the task of contributing to both basic and applied knowledge of multiphase systems and transport phenomena as well as, as a part of the University of Ljubljana, the task of providing higher education, training and consulting through research on laboratory-  pilot-, and industrial-systems. Internationally recognized experience has been gained in LFDT by experimental and numerical activities over last 25 years. Research program Transient Two-phase Flows, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency for the period 2009 to 2014, comprises three thrust directions: the principles of complex fluid dynamics, flow-induced materials problems, and fluid-structure interaction The courses that are enriched by the research experience are basic courses on Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Two-phase Flow, CFD and Intelligent Systems.

CMFD simulation of gas separation in a mini manifold performed by J. Gregorc, LFDT, using Ansys Fluent Ver. 11 computational code.

Reference: Žun, I., Gregorc, J., Two-phase flow in minichannels and related CMFD. Fifth International Topical Team Workshop on Two-phase Systems for Ground and Space Applications, Kyoto, Japan, 26-29, Sept. 2010.

CFD studies of upper airflow undertaken by Z. Rek, LFDT, using FLUENT Ver.6.3 computational code.

Reference: Žun, I. , Stražišar, B. , Rek, Z., Računalniška simulacija toka zraka v zgornji dihalni poti = Computational fluid dynamics simulation of airflow through a human upper airway. Battelino, S. (ur.), Žargi, M. (ur.). 5. kongres otorinolaringologov Slovenije, Radenci, 25.-27.9.2008. Medicinski razgledi, Ljubljana, 2008, Vol. 47, Iss. 2, pp. 413-416.