LDK Consultants


SimTec constructed a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model for the simulation of the temperature distribution inside a power generation diesel engine hall in Libya desert. The model was ordered by ”LDK Consulting Engineers and Planners” (www.ldk.gr). The commercial CFD software package FLUENT was used for the simulations in order to verify the ventilation/cooling study that was conducted by “LDK Consulting Engineers and Planners”.

The CFD study included:

  •  Faithful reconstruction of the hall and machinery geometry from available drawings and CAD files.
  •  Creation of the computational mesh for the solution of the flow (velocity and pressure) at thermal fields (heat transfer with conduction, convection and radiation).
  •  The simulation of various scenarios of diesel engine operation for the worst possible weather conditions (maximum solar load).

FLUENT calculated the temperature at every point of the structure and provided useful information regarding the regions of standard air (“dead” zones). Insufficient circulation of air in those regions allows high concentrations of oil vapour, resulting in high explosion probability. The CFD model proved that the proposed ventilation/cooling system covers all the thermal specifications. The power generation hall has been constructed and operates efficiently without any problem.